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Barrier to Entry Lowered for Private Equity

Good news for those looking to invest: the barrier to entry for private equity has been eased. The usual rule of “2 and 20” – 20% of the profits, plus a 2% annual charge – has been lowered in favor of the investors. According to The Economist (“Fees for Hedge...

Getting Your Feet Wet With Private Equity

Interested in investing in private equity, but not sure what it’s about? Here are some resources for learning about private equity in general and Urbana Varro specifically. Private Equity Funcast. Hosted by Devin Matthews and Jim Milbery, this podcast takes a look at private equity in a fun, laid-back atmosphere....

Private Equity Secrets

As we saw two weeks ago in the Urbana Varro post: Private Equity Backed Companies Versus Comparable Publicly Traded Companies, Herb Engert’s study (”Private Equity’s Value Creation Secrets”) showed that companies backed by private equity firms outperform their publicly-traded competitors 2-to-1, earning around twice the EBITDA growth. His article goes...

Global Private Equity Report

As Forbes explores in the Global Private Equity Report, there are three types of Private Equity Firms that made money over the last year. The first type had mostly failed investments, but one extremely lucky pick that made up for it all. About 29% of the funds fit into this...

What Drives the People Behind Private Equity Firms?

What’s the drive behind the people in private equity firms? According to a recent Private Equity Funcast (”Life and Times of a Private Equity Associate”), it’s building relationships with the companies they invest in. Of all the experiences that make private equity a worthwhile career – challenging, rewarding work with...
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