The Three Eras of Hotel Wisdom Part Two

Wednesday - May 7, 2014

Hotels have a long and interesting history. As The Economist explores the history of hotels, (”Be My Guest”, The Economist, December 21st, 2013) there have been three epochs of hotels.  Last week we explored the first two eras, and this week let us take a look at the final era:

The passing of the eras of the grand hotels and the rise of conformity led to an interesting change. In an attempt to distinguish themselves, the most recent era is marked with themed hotels. In response to the conformity of the previous era, hotels based around individual interests have appeared.

Urbana Varro, a private equity firm that specializes in hotel investing and management, combines the best of all eras. By addressing the needs and wants of its guests it calls back to the grand hotels of a hundred years ago. Allowing private equity firms to invest and manage well-situated hotels has proven to be a great asset to the Opportunity Funds. Assessing the strengths of each hotel has allowed Urbana Varro to provide a specialized experience at each hotel. Understanding the guest’s needs, providing high quality at each hotel, and taking advantage of where each is situated allows Urbana Varro to take advantage of three eras of hotel wisdom.

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