Urbana Varro Hotel & Resorts, LLC (UVHR)
Urbana Varro Hotel & Resorts, LLC (UVHR)

UVHR is a Marriott and Hilton approved management company. Managing many hotels and even boutique hotels, we understand that every hotel is different. It exists in a market that is different from all others, with different set of competitive challenges, unique market demand drivers, rate pressures, and fragmentation of market segments. We make an in-depth analysis of the market conditions, competitive analysis as well as property and brand strengths to position each hotel for success.

Through investment entities in which one or more members of the management team were officers, the Urbana Varro team has collectively managed and advised hotel owners comprising of over 41,000 keys throughout their careers.

Urbana Varro’s dynamic and promising hotel management team encompasses the skills and diversity of experience needed for identifying, acquiring, renovating, marketing and most importantly, operating both limited and full- service hotels and resorts. Our uncompromising commitment to sales is not about activity, but results. We work smarter than the competition to differentiate our properties in ways that capture a greater share of the market. Whether it is a boutique product or traditional flag, Urbana Hotels & Resorts is well positioned to exercise its own distinctive vision of unique hotels.

Prior hotels managed and overseen by the principals of Urbana Varro:

  • Madison Hotel, Miami Beach
  • Omni Colonnade, Coral Gables
  • Ramada Inn, Columbus
  • Savoy Hotel, Miami Beach
  • Sterling Hotel, Miami
  • The Capital Hotel, Washington DC
  • The Floridan, Tampa
  • Harbor Lights Hotel, San Diego
  • Abbey Hotel Miami Beach
  • Angler’s Boutique Resort Miami Beach
  • Barbizon Hotel Miami Beach
  • Carambola, St. Croix, AVI
  • Caravanserai, St. Maarten
  • Carli Hotel, Miami Beach
  • Carlton Hotel, Atlanta
  • Chateau Royal Hotel, Montreal
  • Holiday Inn Riverwalk – San Antonio
  • Holiday Inn Select Airport, San Antonio
  • Raddison Hotel, Princeton
  • Holiday Inn Select, Boston
  • Crowne Plaza City Center, Philadelphia
  • Holiday Inn Busch Gardens, Tampa
  • Crowne Plaza Union Square, San Francisco
  • The Allerton Crowne Plaza, Chicago
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