Urbana Varro’s Capital Group
Urbana Varro’s Capital Group

Urbana Varro’s capital group is a private equity group focused on asset acquisition in the Hospitality Sector.

Our group has been involved in capital raising activities in various forms and from several sources for many of our projects, including raising funds from private equity, institutional, and pension funds. Through investment entities in which one or more members of the Management Team were officers, the management team of Urbana Varro has participated in by financing, developing, constructing, or otherwise assisting over $5 billion in real estate property projects over the past 20 years.

Our objectives are to identify hospitality properties which have the greatest upside potential with the right strategic plan and aggressive sales efforts to maximize revenue growth and value enhancement. We can then position those properties for sale to take fullest advantage of the upside realized.

Urbana Varro is steadfast in its belief that in order to achieve optimal results for stakeholders, there needs to be a proper alignment between property management and ownership and the truest form of such alignment is through both parties having an economic interest in both property operations and the asset’s disposition. To this end, Urbana Varro is committed to investing in each asset it acquires. With Urbana Varro on the acquisition side and Urbana Varro Hotels & Resorts on the management side, we can bring these properties through the transition process and maximize their revenue growth, and profitability.

Urbana Varro is currently working with investors to identify and acquire properties that meet our growth criteria, and Urbana Varro’s investors solid long-term growth opportunities.

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