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Urbana Varro’s Uncompromising Commitment

Urbana Varro’s team is experienced in hospitality investment, and understands that every hotel is different. Our team — which averages 27 years of experience — is uniquely qualified for identifying, acquiring, renovating, marketing, and operating hotels and resorts. We have an uncompromising commitment to sales, and we concentrate on results,...

Urbana Varro: Enhancing the Value of Property

The Urbana Varro team employs a diverse blend of experiences, skill sets and relationships to enhance the value of commercial real estate. Each property is operated with entrepreneurial skills and institutional standards, designed to enhance value. We use the expertise we have to best operate the properties, and to ensure...

Urbana Varro: Masters of Strategy

Urbana Varro’s supremely experienced team has collectively managed more than 41,000 hotel rooms, and participated in over $5 billion in real estate property projects, having bought, sold and developed nearly $300,000,000 in commercial real estate. With an historical average Return on Investment of 180%, and an average historical internal rate...

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

Urbana Varro presents opportunity to savvy investors. Access to commercial real estate investment funds is usually confined to residential rental properties and publicly-traded REITs. These account for less than 6% of the total commercial real estate market opportunity. Urbana Varro’s investment funds present a diversified portfolio of properties. Spreading the...

Investing in Premium-Branded Hotels

Your investments with Urbana Varro are placed in one of our premium-branded, upscale-hotel investment funds. Our diverse portfolios lessen risk and promote growth for the individual investor seeking private equity funds. Urbana Varro invests in names like Hyatt, Hilton, and Marriott — brands that are familiar and credible  to the...

Confident Investing with Urbana Varro

Investing with Urbana Varro, investors can rest easier knowing that the Urbana Varro fund has a team with an average of 27 years of experience. We execute several strategies for investing in commercial real estate, all designed to generate the most income, all with a diversified portfolio — which allows...

Urbana Varro acquires The Hilton – Greenville

Dallas-based Urbana Varro, LLC (www.urbanavarro.com), a fully integrated hospitality investment and hotel management company, has announced the acquisition of the Hilton Greenville in Greenville, SC to its current portfolio. This asset represents the seventh and final acquisition of the company’s hospitalit- focused Urbana Varro Opportunity Fund I. The 256-key full-service...

Investing in a Real Estate Fund

Investing in a real estate fund provides for many benefits of private investment, without the hassle, stress and personal guarantor risk. A real estate fund is the professionally managed portfolio of diversified property holdings, and most funds invest in commercial real estate, though some occasionally invest in non-commercial properties. The...

Urbana Varro’s Experience

With 27 years of experience on average, Urbana Varro’s team can help small investors take part in the profits of large-scale commercial property enterprises through investing in real estate funds. Each member of our team has extensive real estate investment and finance experience from some of the nation’s top institutions...
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