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Urbana Varro: Less Risk, More Benefits

Urbana Varro aims to preserve and build the wealth of the investors, by managing a private fund that invests in strategic investment avenues. By investing in a private fund, investors are able to enjoy the benefits of private ownership, but with less risk. There are also more opportunities with investing...

Expanding Market Opportunities with Urbana Varro

Usually, most individual investors only have limited opportunities for investing in private commercial real estate. Residential rental properties and publicly-traded REITs are largely the only things individual investors have access to, which account for less than 6% of the total commercial real estate market. Many investors also lack the time...

Urbana Varro’s Unique Investment Strategy

Urbana Varro’s team is well-disciplined and knowledgeable in its investment strategy — which is investing funds in commercial real estate that will generate immediate current cash income, as well as preserving and building the wealth of the investors. We are uniquely qualified to execute this investment strategy through this current...

Urbana Varro’s Brand Focus

Urbana Varro focuses on brands that hold higher value in the public light — such as Marriott, Hyatt, and Hilton, among others. Urbana Varro has also done strategic rebranding for properties that aren’t associated with another brand, in order to boost the income generated by that property. Urbana Varro’s team...

Advantages of Investing with Urbana Varro

Urbana Varro’s experienced team acquires commercial real estate for significant discounts, and then uses strategic marketing plans to improve these properties. They can generate significant current income, and can be sold for an appreciated value when the economy recovers. Investors who choose to invest with Urbana Varro have an advantage...

Urbana Varro: Re-Developing Properties

Urbana Varro uses a combination of re-branding, renovations, and/or re-positioning to increase the performance of undervalued properties. Detailed management and marketing strategies are implemented, increasing the current income from the property, and the overall value upon sale. These redeveloped properties can generate annual project returns of 20% or more, and...

Urbana Varro New Development Projects

Urbana Varro offers opportunities to develop high-quality commercial real estate in strong sub-markets that lack sufficient supply. These new developments generally expect to generate annual project returns of 20% – 30%, and have a targeted investment hold of 2-3 years. More information at http://www.urbanavarro.com/...

Urbana Varro: Trustworthy Investment Company

Urbana Varro only invests in strategic investment avenues, which preserve and generate wealth for investors. We have bought, sold, and developed nearly $300,000,000 in commercial real estate, which proves that Urbana Varro is a trustworthy company to invest in. Most individual investors have only limited opportunities  to invest in private...
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